Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Patient Connect University: Helping Connect the Pieces to Provide Better Customer Service for Your Community

Presented by Erin Brown, MPA, CHC, compliance officer and Patient Access supervisor at Jefferson Healthcare Medical Center

We caught up with Erin Brown to discuss her session at the NAHAM Annual Conference. Erin will be providing insights from the Patient Connect University. Four ladies from varied backgrounds and job roles were empowered by their leadership to create an atmosphere of shared learning models and improvement changes that became Patient Connect University. They took on obstacles such as insurance eligibility, registration errors, scheduling and EHR communications and bridged the gap between the primary hospital campus and 13 clinics to foster a teamwork atmosphere and a kick-start in morale and employee engagement. Come share in this transformational change that can easily be modeled in other facilities.

Why is this a must-attend event? Improving the patient financial experience takes more than just one or two individuals, it requires the engagement and collaboration of every staff member involved in that patient’s care experience. However, attaining engagement from all of the essential players can be challenging as healthcare workers experience the stress of doing more with less, further contributing to a culture of working in silos. This session will feature ideas on how to engage and empower — in a fun and creative way — multiple areas of your organization so that they are eager and knowledgeable participants in the patient’s care and financial experience.

Why is this topic so important to the world of Patient Access today? Patients are customers, comparing both the quality and expense of the services they receive. They not only want to know where to get the best service, but what it’s going to cost them. Being able to connect them to the answers they seek in a supportive and collaborative way is not only excellent customer service, it’s what our customers are now expecting. This learning lab will give attendees immediate tools and ideas that they can bring back to their organizations and implement and design their own patient financial experience engagement plan.

Visit the NAHAM website to check out the full line-up of Learning Labs.

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