Friday, April 14, 2017

Branding the Patient Experience in the Emergency Room

Presented by Lisa Favors, CHAA, l Six Sigma, Women in Business Certification; Patient Access emergency department manager at Washington Adventist Hospital

We caught up with Lisa Favors who will be presenting at the NAHAM 43rd Annual Conference. Her presentation will focus specifically on the POS in a busy and hectic environment — the emergency room. The session will speak specifically to the challenges of the ED, and the challenges that the Patient Access team face while attempting to collect from patients. The presentation will show how to explain to patients in the ED their copays and the breakdown of some of the fees that will occur as a result of being an ED patient. The presentation will hit on important topics such as ED registration, EMTALA laws (which include when registrars can collect), POS (how to read the insurance card to obtain the correct co-payments), when to collect, and how to use the correct verbiage in the ED while collecting their copay.

Why is this a must-attend session? The ED is an environment where the Patient Access department is dealing on a daily basis with patients and visitors who are frustrated and afraid in this environment, which is complex and busy. This workshop will show how the Patient Access department can deal with an ever-changing and stressful environment, and how they can make the patient experience in the ED a positive experience.

Why is this topic so important to the world of Patient Access today? It is very important to the world of Patient Access because, oftentimes, the Patient Access team working in the ED is not equipped with the tools to deal with the constant changes and movement in the ED.

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