Thursday, April 6, 2017

How to Achieve the Care Coordination Triple Aim

Presented by Danielle Pieloch, MPH, corporate administrative director of access management for Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

We caught up with Danielle Pieloch, who will be presenting at this year’s annual conference, on Robert Wood Johnson Health System’s initiative to improve population health and patient experiences and reduce per capita cost of care. Their approach streamlines access to hospital and physician services, efficiently manages medical referrals and automates insurance authorizations across all hospital campuses. Their system-wide contact center allows patients to access services throughout its health system with ease, enhancing the experience for patients and physicians and facilitating prompt payment.

Why is this a must-attend event? The coordination of our patients’ care – from the acute setting to outpatient and to the physician office – is a key component of meeting population health and triple aim targets. Operationalizing the Patient Access components of scheduling and pre-registration, along with the task of insurance authorizations, can be daunting. Come learn how the largest health system in New Jersey began its journey of coordinated and meaningful Patient Access through the development of a patient contact center.

Why is this topic so important to the world of Patient Access today? Patient Access is the foundation of the business – from quality outcomes to the patient experience to driving growth and business development. If Patient Access is not successful, the business cannot succeed!

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