Monday, April 9, 2018

Conference Preview: Virtual Patient Access Workflow Drives Mobility, Productivity at Cleveland Clinic

Session Title: Virtual Patient Access Workflow Drives Mobility, Productivity at Cleveland Clinic

Presenters: Heidi Peris, Revenue Cycle Management, PreAccess Services, Cleveland Clinic

Learning Lab: Series 5

Date/Time: May 5, 4:00 p.m.

About the Learning Lab
Cleveland Clinic is widely known for its culture of innovation and a patient-first mentality. Long-time leaders in patient portals, Cleveland Clinic has added options for patients to engage remotely through online access to scheduling, education materials, personal health records and more. Cleveland Clinic is now applying the same data-driven technology to support a virtual workflow in Patient First support services.

Cleveland Clinic is giving staff tools to engage remotely while performing activities such as pre-registration, scheduling, financial counseling and customer service. By equipping employees with access to the information they need from wherever they are, they now have the option to work from home in a secure, paperless environment.

When transitioning to a remote setting, employees are given access to all software and applications used on-site through a secure data connection. Equipment includes a desktop computer, dual monitors, a phone and a hardware component used to record and integrate phone calls to the patient record.

Remote employees send and receive faxes electronically and capture images from websites rather than printing and scanning. Recordings and captured images are indexed to the patient account and accessible to team members through the department’s communication management platform. Supervisors routinely review these records and listen to recordings to check for quality and accuracy.

Ultimately, the program has provided significant benefits — supporting employee mobility, productivity, and satisfaction — across the organization. The number of employees participating has grown from 20 to 70, and there is currently a push to see if more employees qualify. This has helped alleviate space constraints on-site. The program has also added flexibility for staff members, improving engagement and satisfaction while reducing turnover and absenteeism.

This session will outline the program, outcomes, and lessons learned from Cleveland Clinic’s virtual program. Attendees will learn how their organizations can get started with a similar approach and rank among the innovative healthcare organizations already experiencing the benefits of the work-from-home model.

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