Monday, April 9, 2018

Conference Preview: Cultivating Internal Talent– Novant Health Revenue Cycle University

Session Title: Cultivating Internal Talent – Novant Health Revenue Cycle University

Presenter: Danielle Andujar

Learning Lab: Series 4

Date/Time: May 5, 2:30 p.m.

About the Learning Lab

Patient Access employees are a diverse group, composed of different skills, education levels and backgrounds. Many are eager to learn more about their roles, but struggle to find resources beyond on-the-job training. Even though our teams are responsible for hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars of revenue, there is no public or private university that offers courses in Patient Access or revenue cycle. Novant Health was eager to bridge the gap between on-the-job training and formal education. Revenue cycle leadership and our internal revenue cycle education department teamed up to create a university structure that would provide in-depth training.

Novant Health Revenue Cycle University is an educational program devoted to examining broad issues in the revenue cycle. Classes offer a deep understanding of topics integral to the revenue cycle. They introduce each department in the Novant Health revenue cycle, review what makes each department unique and bring together team members from many different departments. Overarching goals of the program are to discuss how all these departments are inter-connected, learn the tools they use to measure success and focus on building connections between each team member and each department. Ultimately we hope to offer content needed to excel in revenue cycle positions. The program uses many different types of technology and learning such as guest speakers, online discussion boards and in-class training. This session will explore how the program was developed, the application and selection process and its structure and content, as well as an opportunity to hear about the experiences from past program participants.

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