Wednesday, February 1, 2017

AccessKeys 3.0 Now Available for Download!

A Valuable Product for Monitoring Your Facility’s Performance

NAHAM’s Industry Standards Committee (ISC) has been hard at work continually improving NAHAM’s unique tool the NAHAM AccessKeys®. Version 3.0 includes 12 new key performance indicators (KPIs) and other enhancements based on feedback from NAHAM members and leaders within the Patient Access profession. Our recalibrated benchmarks will help you evaluate your facility’s performance and track against facilities of the same size using reliable data.

New KPIs include:

·        Estimate to Registration Rate

·        Estimation Accuracy Rate

·        Conversion Rate of Insured BAI Patients to FAPs

·        Identity Resolution Rate

·        MPI Search Error Rate

·        Completed Order Rate

·        No-Show Rate

·        Pre-Reg Average Call Time
As facilities adopt the AccessKeys, revenue cycle managers will be able to correlate front-end patient access KPIs with back-end revenue cycle processes.

“We expect correlations like these will demonstrate the financial value of a front end driven revenue cycle model which operates at lower cost than traditional back-end RCM models,” said Paul Shorrosh, CHAM, MSW, MBA, Founder/CEO of AccuReg, NAHAM board member and chairman of the Industry Standards Committee.  “As further adoption of the AccessKeys continues and the financial value of the revenue cycle’s front-end becomes evident, patient access managers should be prepared for greater recognition, authority, pay and resources.” 
AccessKeys are provided to NAHAM members free of charge as part of their annual member benefits.   For more information about NAHAM AccessKeys, visit

For more information, contact the NAHAM office at or (202)367-1125.

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