Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weigh In: WSJ Discussion on Patient Unique IDs

A robust debate has begun in the Wall Street Journal regarding Should Every Patient Have a Unique ID Number for All Medical Records?

NAHAM members are encouraged to weigh in.

Source: WSJ Article

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  1. I agree with Dr. Collins, with our current system of multiple medical record/ID numbers that are utilized to track a patient leads to delays in treatment and/or miss treatment. If a patient has been given multiple medical record numbers their medical record is not complete and important information may not be seen because it was in "the other record". With a UPI no matter where a patient receives their treatment all practitioners would be able to see the complete patient's information.
    I also believe there needs to be some controls as to who can see the record and should be dictated by the patient. The patient would give permission/consent to access their medical record by a certain practitioner to ensure patient privacy.