Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Recurring Outpatient Registration Implemented in Ohio Hospital

The News Messenger reports that Bellevue Hospital in Bellevue, Ohio has implemented the Recurring Patient Registration System in response to a patient's request for an easier outpatient registration process. The system allows patients coming to the hospital for recurring lab or Family Birthing Center visits to register once per quarter with the Patient Access Department. Once registered, patients can go directly to the lab or Family Birthing Center for their services without registering each visit.

According to director of revenue cycle and quality management Marianne Schoen, the program was created because a patient visiting the hospital several times a week for an ultrasound to monitor her pregnancy asked why she had to register each time if the hospital already knew the reason for her recurring visits and had her information.

The article reports that 300 patients have registered in the program.

Source: The News Messenger

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