Monday, May 17, 2010

Dartmouth Physicians Stress Importance of Coordinated Care

In a Washington Post column, Jim Yong Kim, president of Dartmouth College, and James M. Weinstein, president of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic, believe that the next test of health reform is how the healthcare system will provide cost-effective quality care to the millions of Americans who now have coverage.

Kim and Weinstein believe that the solution lies in the way healthcare is delivered, calling for fixes to the delivery system. Among the changes suggested include a universal patient medical record that will ensure that healthcare professionals receive up to date, accurate information on a patient's conditions and medications as he or she is moved through the continuum of care.

Dartmouth has established the Center for Health Care Delivery Science to bring together researchers who can help find a way to improve the delivery of care so the goals of health care reform can be achieved.

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