Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Conference Preview: Career Ladder for Success

Session Title: Career Ladder for Success

Presenters: Judy LB Parker, EdD Candidate, MSL, BSBA, Enterprise Director, Patient Access at Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Learning Lab: Series 3

Date/Time: May 5, 10:15 a.m.

Retaining quality employees can be difficult. Some organizations have reported a 30–40 percent turnover rate in Patient Access and higher in the emergency room. Organizations typically have a career ladder for clinical staff but not for Patient Access. Staff shortages can have an adverse effect on patients and staff morale. How do you minimize staff turnover? Staff retention is done through a Career Ladder for Success.

This session looks at the development of a Patient Access career ladder and moving away from a multi-titled, siloed department. Patient Access leadership is tasked with hiring competent staff members who can meet and exceed the expectations of the organization and the patients. Recruiting is only a small portion of the task; one of the more important pieces is retaining the qualified and highly trained staff hired into the department. Most employees do not want to leave their job or the organization they work for but do want growth and a feeling of value. This learning lab will give you tools to structure a career ladder to not only develop the staff’s career and self-worth, but also benefit the organization through job sharing and cross-training.

Shortages within Patient Access can have an impact on physician scheduling, patient satisfaction and departmental morale. The time needed to train staff to perform at peak performance can be intensive. Patient Access has historically been seen as a “foot in the door” or “entry level” role, and when a seasoned individual leaves an organization, the knowledge and investment within that employee also leaves the organization. Showing employees that they have a future and a career within Patient Access will minimize the foot-in-the-door mentality and strengthen the employee pool for the organization.

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