Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Open Notes and Patient Portals?

Who manages patient access to their health records?  What technology are you employing?  Let us know. 

This article from Reuters made us want to hear from you.

The article posted Tuesday, February 24, "Patients, doctors see benefits of sharing medical records" may be found here.

It introduces the story of a patient who began using OpenNotes when her multiple sclerosis created increasing challenges for her to remember what happened at her last appointment and what follow-ups she was responsible for.

The article cites a new paper online in the British Medical Journal which demonstrates that patient access to their records, including physician notes, can lead to more collaboration between doctor and patient and more educated, engage healthcare consumers as patients.

One metric discovered: "After one year, 99% of patients wanted to continue accessing notes. Despite initial concerns among physicians about additional work, none decided to discontinue use."  And the age of the patient was not a factor in patients using portals to access their information.

Find more information on the study here.

What experiences have you had with managing patient access to their EHR information and the use of patient portals?

Let us here from you!

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