Wednesday, December 17, 2014

CMS State Innovation Models Grants Awarded

The HHS announced Tuesday that a significant portion of the $665 million in available grants was awarded to health IT programs.The District of Columbia, 28 states, and three territories received grant money to fund local experiments in improving health care. The money is the second round of grants coming from CMS's State Innovation Models initiative. A breakdown of the awarded grants can be found at the initiative website

Politico reports that the selected health IT projects largely focus on improving data in electronic health records and systems. Part of the $100 million New York will receive will go toward better health IT, "including greatly enhanced capacities to exchange clinical data and an all-payer database." Overall, the state is looking to create a stronger, more integrated primary care workforce and delivery system. Colorado will receive up to $65 million over four years to integrate physical and behavioral health care in primary care and community mental health center. Part of the money will expand IT efforts including telehealth. The money will also assist in integrating public health, behavioral health and primary care sectors. Data analytics is a factor in the plans for Michigan and Iowa.

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