Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Enrollment of Young Adults in Healthcare Exchanges

The Obama Administration announced Monday that young adults comprise nearly a quarter of the health plan enrollees. The Administration hopes to reach the goal that 38-40% of enrolled individuals will be young adults by the end of the enrollment period on March 31. 

The enrollment of 18-35 year olds is seen as crucial to the success of the healthcare plans. Politico reports that without young adult enrollment healthcare premiums could rise considerably and the healthcare market could become unstable. 

Despite doubts from some insurance companies, director of the Office of Health Reform of HHS, Mike Hash, expressed confidence that the newest numbers would result in "an appropriate mix" of young, healthy registrants and those with more expensive healthcare needs. Another senior official explained that a Kaiser Family Foundation report showed that only a quarter of the enrollees needed to be young adults to avoid the so-called death spiral to unstable healthcare markets. 

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